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Virginia Memory Project at the Library of Virginia 

Board of Public Works Maps

The records of the Board of Public Works are rich in the details of the development of Virginia's internal improvements during the nineteenth century. Few collections in other archival institutions are comparable. Records relating to turnpikes and railroads assisted in resolving right-of-way questions. Field survey notes help identify changes in topography and aid in the location of archaeological sites. 

The library of Virginia has an online database of 462 Board of Public Works maps. A few maps pertaining to present-day Doddridge County are:


1821 map of Harrison County (sheet 3)

1833 map of western counties of the Northwestern Turnpike

1845 map of Weston to West Union road

1850 map from West Union to the "Jug Handle" in Tyler County

1842 map of Middle Island Creek Turnpike

1840 plan for a bridge over Middle Island Creek 

1821 map of Tyler County








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